The Power of “No”

Do you know what feels like you’re frolicking in field of tall grass on a beautiful day? Do you know what feels like ice cold water on a sweltering hot day? Do you know what feels like (ladies) whipping that bra off after a long ass day? Saying “no” feels like all of these things…liberating!Continue reading “The Power of “No””

Honesty With Self

If you aren’t honest with yourself, you can’t fix it. You won’t be able to heal. You lose the ability to take control of your life and avoid creating vicious cycles. No loved one, licensed professional, pastor, or guru will be able to assist you in doing better, getting better, being better if you don’tContinue reading “Honesty With Self”

B Well: Healing

So here I was, a month after breaking a toxic cycle in my life and choosing to start over. I knew that I was angry…hurt…hell, I was bitter. Pissed at myself for getting into absolute nonsense once again. I felt ashamed but that was quickly over powered by optimism for what was to come. EvenContinue reading “B Well: Healing”

Mental Organization

I feel like I’m losing my shit. I have to write down everything that’s going on in my mind so I can rank them by priority. That’s honestly the only way to make sense of it all for me. How do you gain clarity whilst adulting? For me, managing a home, a business of myContinue reading “Mental Organization”

Lifestyle Godly: Affirmation

I am capable and deserving of love I will be paid for being me. I CHOOSE joy I seek joy within myself I will accomplish every goal that I set for myself I will not settle I will acknowledge all emotions-yes, even the ugly ones I will speak a positive truth of myself I amContinue reading “Lifestyle Godly: Affirmation”

Manifesting & Me

Manifestation: an event, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. You may have heard about how people use manifesting to live their wildest dreams and accomplish goals that seemed nearly impossible. You may have thought it to sound like some sort of sorcery. But it’s very possibleContinue reading “Manifesting & Me”

Note To Self

Think about it… We leave notes for our loved ones We leave notes for our children But have you ever left a note for yourself? When is the last time you told yourself to have a great day? To smile? That you look beautiful? Why is that it’s so easy to have dialogue with othersContinue reading “Note To Self”