Boys in books are always better. We were delusional since toddlerhood, watching movies and hearing stories of guys like Prince Charming- rescuing us, sweeping us off our feet, kissing us while fireworks blazed in the backdrop. Utter foolishness. This fluffery had me believing that there would forever be background music throughout my life. They created … Continue reading Soundtrack


  From the smoothness of your feel, To the way you make my thoughts become real From the moment I lay my hands on you, My emotions flow. You give me the go. I give it all to you. You give me security. You give me closure. Even when I feel myself drifting, You bring … Continue reading Affair


“I might buy her flowers. But if I love her, I’ll write her a story. After all, what good are flowers when you can create a universe just for her.”- Unknown   If you ever are brave and wise enough to unconditionally love me, understand this. The basics will never shake me. If you buy … Continue reading Muse


Things change before your very eyes. Where are you? The sky transforms from day to night. Who really stops to notice? The hues of sunset: blue, magenta, yellow, all the way to pitch black. To the naked eye it brings about evil, this darkness. Let me speak of the beauty. Oh, how the stars illuminate … Continue reading GPS