Comfort Zones

To be vulnerable. To be uncomfortable. These are necessary to exist. Without breaking those barriers, we will be doomed to live a shallow existence. Challenge yourself. Little by little, unbutton, unzip, unfold a new part of you. Really feel. Let the sun rays hit your skin. Let the rain dance on your shoulders. Let theContinue reading “Comfort Zones”

Come and Go

Let that sadness come and go Let that sadness in even when it was never invited Let that sadness balance out the joy Let that sadness cleanse your dark matter with streams of salt water Let that sadness shut you in with a good book or a good friend But don’t you dare cling tooContinue reading “Come and Go”

I believe in time travel

Set the date and turn the key I am all strapped in ready to take this ride with you. Hand and hand we travel through time- stopping everywhere we can cut and paste one another into. Get in where you fit in because I vow to make room. All we need is a time machine,Continue reading “I believe in time travel”

Entitlement & Self Awareness

Shout out to the people that understand that no one owes them anything. Somewhere down the line we took on this ugly mind set in which we feel entitled. And not even the dope entitlement that Nas taught us about with the world being ours. It’s the spoiled brat But-I-Want-It kind of entitlement. The I-Didn’t-Want-It-Until-I-Saw-YoursContinue reading “Entitlement & Self Awareness”


We must stop giving in to the pressure of society. This includes media, friends, family, coworkers, etc. What YOU decide to do with YOUR life is only YOUR business. Make YOUR own rules. Make YOUR own traditions. Form YOUR own opinions and theories. YOU don’t want to wake up one day in realization that YOUContinue reading “Unapologetic”

Of Acceptance and Joy

Since I can remember, I’ve always felt this substantial pressure. A pressure to be perfect. To be this spectacle. To make everyone happy. So, that’s exactly what I did. I lived my life for the appeasement of the people of which I surrounded myself. My happiness… My wants and needs being met? None of theseContinue reading “Of Acceptance and Joy”