Note To Self

Think about it… We leave notes for our loved ones We leave notes for our children But have you ever left a note for yourself? When is the last time you told yourself to have a great day? To smile? That you look beautiful? Why is that it’s so easy to have dialogue with othersContinue reading “Note To Self”

Tough Crowd

It’s not funny. People are out here hurting, Doing whatever they can to fill their voids to mask their open wound. And you laugh at that? You find humor in them like they aren’t doing the same thing as the rest of us Sure, their methods may be different, but who are you to judge?Continue reading “Tough Crowd”

New Year, New Me

It’s so important to exercise and “eat right”. That’s what I’ve been seeing lately- People waist training and eating clean. That’s wonderful and I commend them all on their results. Results- the effect from a certain cause. Within weeks we begin to notice progress in our human bodies as we commit to the gym and theContinue reading “New Year, New Me”