B Well: Healing

So here I was, a month after breaking a toxic cycle in my life and choosing to start over. I knew that I was angry…hurt…hell, I was bitter. Pissed at myself for getting into absolute nonsense once again. I felt ashamed but that was quickly over powered by optimism for what was to come. EvenContinue reading “B Well: Healing”

This writer that I know…

She does it for the art She does it for the hell of it She has to let it out Because she gets so into the world she receives- She has to have an outlet She has to say what her mouth can’t Screaming is out of her nature She meditates Reciting mantra after mantra, ButContinue reading “This writer that I know…”

Woke and Working

I made the choice to become an entrepreneur after starting over with my life. I knew what my passion was but I had no clue as to how to get started. I was blessed to have most of it spelled out for me. However, I’m still learning…a lot of shit.   People romanticize entrepreneurship, butContinue reading “Woke and Working”

What is in a word?

My mother always told me that words don’t mean shit But I’m a writer so doesn’t that change a bit? I make people feel I make your senses run wild and free like…what white privilege must be… Like I take you back to emotions you forgot you had And to memories you didn’t even haveContinue reading “What is in a word?”