Present in the Dark

I know, I know... I preach about mental health and maintaining peace. I must be the world's most zen. Never stressing. Never annoyed. Always smiling and glowing. Please don't think that way. I have down days and they tend to linger. I'm not always smiling and meditating. Honestly, I end up avoiding meditation when I … Continue reading Present in the Dark


Your tribe (circle, clique, squad, group, crew) should be a direct reflection of you. When you look at the people you surround yourself with, they should speak to where you see yourself in life, where you're on your way to, and who you want to be. No, that doesn't mean that you literally want to … Continue reading Tribe


Shit’s been too good. You know, when you’re used to drama and crazy Then you find a good one… …And things are just…peaceful The heat from the light becomes too much then we look to the sky with our hands shielding our eyes from the rays of the sun We grow impatient with clouds when … Continue reading Drought


For my brother My father, uncle, cousin, and unborn son For every one of you smited by the hand of hate For you, black king I am sorry You are loved and necessary For without you, who will teach our black babies to be warriors? Who will stand up to that responsibility? Your life DOES … Continue reading Solace