Shit’s been too good. You know, when you’re used to drama and crazy Then you find a good one… …And things are just…peaceful The heat from the light becomes too much then we look to the sky with our hands shielding our eyes from the rays of the sun We grow impatient with clouds when … Continue reading Drought


For my brother My father, uncle, cousin, and unborn son For every one of you smited by the hand of hate For you, black king I am sorry You are loved and necessary For without you, who will teach our black babies to be warriors? Who will stand up to that responsibility? Your life DOES … Continue reading Solace


My fire is here to warm your oceans Mixing with your air to cultivate a summer breeze for you to bask in Never for destruction and chaos I’ll spread through your life providing light to every dark corner Combining our elements, we break ground on the foundation of our tied destiny’s. Soul mates getting their … Continue reading Alchemy

Ode to Life

Life, keep teaching me Five years away from thirty, I promise to continue learning. Searching for truth, living and loving in it. Life, keep stretching me Love sparks growth. I want to keep changing Evolving in a positive direction. Life, keep loving me. Five years away from thirty, I promise to keep you as my … Continue reading Ode to Life