Independent &Dating: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself

There’s no real rulebook to dating. I believe in being yourself and building with someone who appreciates and reciprocates that. I can’t go searching for love anymore. I can’t try to control other people and their actions in the dating scene. But, I can control and analyze myself. In doing that, I’ve found that myContinue reading “Independent &Dating: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself”


Boys in books are always better. We were delusional since toddlerhood, watching movies and hearing stories of guys like Prince Charming- rescuing us, sweeping us off our feet, kissing us while fireworks blazed in the backdrop. Utter foolishness. This fluffery had me believing that there would forever be background music throughout my life. They createdContinue reading “Soundtrack”

A Woman’s Worth

Why do so many women believe that the only power that we possess lies between our legs? Far too many times have I heard women say, “Don’t give it all away upfront. If you do, there’s nothing left to keep him wanting you.” (Cue the 90-Day Rule and Celibacy pact with the lord) Wait, what?!Continue reading “A Woman’s Worth”