I spoke with a woman today,

That was yearning to be home.

She was a complete stranger to me,

But my soul cried right along with the tears falling from her eyes.

I had to hold her.

I had to attempt to temporarily keep the pieces from falling as she caved in-front of me.


I remember how it felt to crave to be home.

To leave what I wanted and run towards what I needed.

I remember crying myself to sleep.

Silencing every spirit-cry pushing me towards packing up and leaving so that I didn’t wake up the one that was sleeping beside me.

There is nothing like home.

Home is not made of brick and drywall.

Home is made of other human beings.

It’s connections



It’s love



Are you home?

Published by B.still

I'm Tiara (a.k.a B.Still). I'm a photographer and an overall creator. My writings can be found here as well as my photography! Join my journey to freedom and peace doing the things that I love!

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