Each One Reach One

There is a magical ability to be present. Being there for people when they need you the most. When you go out of your way to make someone a priority, it shows them their importance. It enhances their value of self. Let’s be honest. We all want to feel needed and wanted. To be seenContinue reading “Each One Reach One”


Women are mothers far before they bear a child.   We see what lies in the future. We manipulate energy Seeing the positive and the negative entities latched onto people. Observing the true colors of your peers. With constant concern for your well-being. We are natural nurturers. Listen to her. Respect her concern. Value herContinue reading “Respect”

A Woman’s Worth

Why do so many women believe that the only power that we possess lies between our legs? Far too many times have I heard women say, “Don’t give it all away upfront. If you do, there’s nothing left to keep him wanting you.” (Cue the 90-Day Rule and Celibacy pact with the lord) Wait, what?!Continue reading “A Woman’s Worth”