Create an opportunity to stop time. You possess that power. Stop in the middle of a moment and reflect on life. How far you've come Where you're headed Celebrate yourself for a moment Those milestones, the monsters you've conquered You are a champion An indomitable force. Just breathe..... & Keep going


Since life is all about balance, how can we create more of it? How do we cultivate that peace within adversity? Let’s be transparent We’re all asking these questions in some form We’re all working to figure it out Let’s remember this fact. When we want to scream and shout, we can instead allow the … Continue reading Genesis

Arms Wide Open

There’s been a shift in this perception of reality. When you’re aware of the here and now, it’s easy to sense that shift. It’s easy to notice and prepare for a full moon and to know what it brings to your life. We grow right before our very own eyes. Although change can be unnerving, … Continue reading Arms Wide Open


These energies of ours.. Dynamic when separate Combining makes for sparks and works of fire. Every element comes forth. Dopamine levels reach the highest of highs. There is no stopping these conjoined energies. Interlocking. Harmonizing. Meeting to conform into one feeling. One thought. One rush. One action. Tangled up in positions once unimaginable. Harmonize…that one … Continue reading Harmonize