What is in a word?

My mother always told me that words don’t mean shit

But I’m a writer so doesn’t that change a bit?

I make people feel

I make your senses run wild and free like…what white privilege must be…


I take you back to emotions you forgot you had

And to memories you didn’t even have

I have the power to turn your moment from blissful to bad

You feel me?


You feel me without a single touch

I overstand that actions are great

But words still pack power

Running over your body like water from a shower

I soothe you

After a long day

Lay back and get tantalized by word play

Let my sentences and fragments lead you TO a breakthrough

My tongue is a beautiful font like calligraphy

You’ll have-

Epiphanies when you sit with me

And…this is all done by words

Sticks and stones may break MY bones

But words will forever heal me

Feel me?…

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