New York

I always envision a rainy New York night, underneath the streetlights, set in black in white. A woman and a man walking hand in hand, under the shelter of an umbrella. He suddenly stops walking and she turns to him with concern. In one hand, he holds up the umbrella, shielding them from the rain,Continue reading “New York”

Myocardial Infarction

There is a joy that enters A smile that stretches  across my face Uncontrollable butterflies compacting the heart. Heart flutters sound scary, right? Like the end is near? But it’s precisely the opposite. Your words make me feel like everything has just begun All while possessing a familiarity that one could call home. All fromContinue reading “Myocardial Infarction”

Good Love

We dream of it. We imagine what it would be like. We fight with every fiber of our being to construct it with the wrong people, leaving us scarred and bitter…damaged. I suppose I’ll begin by elaborating on the effects of desiring good love. At times, we give good love and expect it in return.Continue reading “Good Love”

Of Acceptance and Joy

Since I can remember, I’ve always felt this substantial pressure. A pressure to be perfect. To be this spectacle. To make everyone happy. So, that’s exactly what I did. I lived my life for the appeasement of the people of which I surrounded myself. My happiness… My wants and needs being met? None of theseContinue reading “Of Acceptance and Joy”