Comfort Zones

To be vulnerable. To be uncomfortable. These are necessary to exist. Without breaking those barriers, we will be doomed to live a shallow existence. Challenge yourself. Little by little, unbutton, unzip, unfold a new part of you. Really feel. Let the sun rays hit your skin. Let the rain dance on your shoulders. Let the … Continue reading Comfort Zones

Luna Love

Look up at her tonight She shines like the stars don't even exist If I could know her more intimately, I would love her even more tremendously Look at her glow With no explanation, baring flaws for the world to see I am intrigued by her beauty Curves showing she's complete on her own despite … Continue reading Luna Love

New York

I always envision a rainy New York night, underneath the streetlights, set in black in white. A woman and a man walking hand in hand, under the shelter of an umbrella. He suddenly stops walking and she turns to him with concern. In one hand, he holds up the umbrella, shielding them from the rain, … Continue reading New York

3:00 am Insomnia

You are the first person on my mind When I wake up earlier than my alarm Struggling to get back to sleep... But contacting you, hoping you're struggling too So we can say f***k the day, Staying up on the phone like the teenagers we never got to see one another as...

Lazy Days with…

Simplicty- just lay here with me, baby Getting the cuddles Because in your arms lies the portal to the future that awaits the two of us Scroll the screen as we tilt our heads back and hold on to one another in contagious laughter In unison Bonding...