T shirt…

You ask me why women wear their man’s clothes.

Well, I can’t answer for other women but I know why I do…


I love your smell.

When I wear your big shirts, I am enveloped in your scent.

It makes me feel like you aren’t too far away.

It makes me feel like it’s your arms that are wrapped around me.

You smell like home.

You are home to me.

Your scent calms me just as your words would if you were here.


Women…for the most part, we’re sentimental in that way.

We love you.

We just want to feel you.

Feel the security that you bring.

So, yeah, It’s more than just an oversized shirt to us.

To us, it’s a piece of you that we can always cherish.

Whether we’re missing you or we just had a long day.

When you can’t be around…just leave your shirt.

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