Manifesting & Me

Manifestation: an event, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. You may have heard about how people use manifesting to live their wildest dreams and accomplish goals that seemed nearly impossible. You may have thought it to sound like some sort of sorcery. But it’s very possibleContinue reading “Manifesting & Me”

Saving The World With Raury

And as I realize that I can’t save the world, I keep awareness of my purpose. My purpose is to teach. I was put on this world to make an impact in the lives of others. I don’t take my purpose lightly. I don’t play around with it. Once I recognized what it was, myContinue reading “Saving The World With Raury”

Woke and Working

I made the choice to become an entrepreneur after starting over with my life. I knew what my passion was but I had no clue as to how to get started. I was blessed to have most of it spelled out for me. However, I’m still learning…a lot of shit.   People romanticize entrepreneurship, butContinue reading “Woke and Working”

A Woman’s Worth

Why do so many women believe that the only power that we possess lies between our legs? Far too many times have I heard women say, “Don’t give it all away upfront. If you do, there’s nothing left to keep him wanting you.” (Cue the 90-Day Rule and Celibacy pact with the lord) Wait, what?!Continue reading “A Woman’s Worth”

How I Lengthen My Attention Span

I first noticed my attention span shrinking when I sat down to read a book that I was anticipating. I opened the first page, then INSTANTLY picked up my phone to check my social media for the fourth time. This saddened me because I love to read! Getting lost in a good book is myContinue reading “How I Lengthen My Attention Span”