“Ice cream” (Non Dairy)

ice cream 2



Oh bless the genius who brought us Pinterest!

Because of that genius, I have been able to clean up my diet.

I LOVE ice cream more than most people, honestly.

But, I knew that it wasn’t the best for me- especially when I started my Wellness Journey.

I also knew that I couldn’t just cut it out of my diet cold-turkey.

Often, people fool themselves by thinking that they can just stop things right away and never look back.

Surely, in some instances this is correct- just not for my ice cream!

This meant that I needed to supplement the ice cream.

I searched on Pinterest and found an awesome recipe for non-diary ice cream!


The rendition pictured above, was created as followed:


Brown/Over ripened Banana (frozen for 24 hours; unthawed)

Any fresh fruit or toppings of your choice. I chose Cocoa Powder to make it Chocolate “Ice cream”


  1. Chop frozen banana in small slices (if sliced too thick, they will clog the blender/processor)
  2. Chop fresh fruit of your choice. The “ice cream” will take on this flavor
  3. Add all ingredients to your blender/food processor.
  4. PULSE the mixture in your blender/food processor for a few seconds. Start slow! The longer you pulse, the quicker it melts.
  5. Spoon out of the blender into a bowl.
  6. Add any extra toppings.
  7. Enjoy!



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