Mix and Mingle: An Introvert’s Prospective






Last night, I ventured into new territory. There was an entrepreneurship mixer being held at the cutest salon that I’ve seen in my area. Sounds simple enough, right?

For me, though, it was much more complicated of a decision to make. My business hours are from 6am-6pm, Monday through Friday. This event was on a Thursday night. I dread going to events during the week because I’m usually left feeling exhausted when I get back in the house and even in the morning for my early wake-up. But, leaving this event, I felt empowered, inspired, and proud of myself.

Mixers are always so weird to me because I don’t like to boast and brag about my accomplishments. I also feel like the energy can rub the wrong way because I’ll feel like I have to verbally prove my worthiness of being surrounded by other women who are doing the exact same thing as I am: turning their dreams into reality. The Introvert in me was kicking and screaming the entire drive over. I even invited my mom, a fellow female entrepreneur, just to solidify my decision to go! Negative thoughts came trickling in…

“No one cares about the message you’re trying to spread with Somente Respire, bruh”

“They won’t take you seriously.”

“They will laugh at you” (Yup, straight up Carrie vibes)

“You’re going to be so tired tomorrow”

The negativity was kicking in full force on the car ride there, so I blasted music to drown it all out.

When I tell YOU I was meant to be there!

Firstly, I ordered new Somente Respire business cards and they were delivered TWO days early. So, perfect timing for this event. Then, as I walked in,  I saw a salon of beautiful melanated women huddled into small groups discussing their lives. The energy was  calm which eased my social anxiety.  I immediately began talking with a group of women. I met a female fitness trainer (who I WILL be working with effective immediately), a Mentor for young girls, and an esthetician who will be helping me to get my skin TO-GETH-ER!

That’s not even the end of it. I had to leave early so I’m making my rounds in the salon, looking for a new stylist for myself. Upon informing one stylist as to what I need, he directed me to this vibrant beauty whose energy I could not ignore. We vibed and her work is exactly what I’m looking for.

I paint this picture just to show that we have to walk outside of our comfort zone more often. If I would have just sat in the house finding something else to do in my fortress of solitude, I never would have made connections with these women. I never would have met a potential new stylist, which was severely needed because the old one…well, I’ll save that story for a post on professionalism with your craft.

Do something every day that scares the shit out of you. It’s a quote by someone…

Social situations make me anxious. Talking about what I believe in makes me nervous. But, my goals are real and they REQUIRE that fear and anxiety to be destroyed. The only way to destroy it, is to keep doing it. To get better at it. To create more content. To touch more souls.


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