Risk Assesment

We get caught up in all of the what-if’s We worry Send ourselves spiraling down an abysmal slope of fear Honestly?… I am scared You could use me up for the giver that I am You could break my heart in a malicious act of revenge towards all of the girls who have wronged youContinue reading “Risk Assesment”

Love On

There’s some lyric that goes “I need some ‘real good loving, because I’m troubled by the things that I see…”     In times like these, when my people are being slain in the streets. When I fear for the safety of my brothers, father, cousins, friends, and significant other When our freedom isn’t lookingContinue reading “Love On”

Get To Me

  When your day has been rougher than our slave ancestors hands and feet When you can’t think of a single positive thing When the world has you beat Just get to me   Make your way to me so that I can wrap my arms around your frame Simultaneously absorbing all of your painContinue reading “Get To Me”