Risk Assesment

We get caught up in all of the what-if’s

We worry

Send ourselves spiraling down an abysmal slope of fear


I am scared

You could use me up for the giver that I am

You could break my heart in a malicious act of revenge towards all of the girls who have wronged you

You could be lying to me

Looking me deep into my eyes with strong hands of false security around my waist

Providing a calm I’ve never felt before-

Causing me to lower my guard just for you to…not be real

But ya’ know

With all of these conspiracies circulating in my mind

I think about how you make  me feel

THAT reality

That is undeniable

For that love- -for that feeling alone

I will take the risk

Published by B.still

I'm Tiara (a.k.a B.Still). I'm a photographer and an overall creator. My writings can be found here as well as my photography! Join my journey to freedom and peace doing the things that I love!

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