Ticking Clocks

I’m racing against this ten-second clock in my head. I literally watch the countdown. That’s my anxiety. That clock is always ticking in my mind. That rush makes me feel like I need to rush everything…myself, conversations and interactions with others. I’m always in my head- watching that clock.

So how do you break free from that? I have no clue. I came up with Somente Respire/Just Breathe and I’ve been using it every since I tattooed it on my body. It helps.

Reciting this mantra reminds me to…just breathe. Lol I’ll take deep breaths and the numbness slowly fades. I slowly take back control- off of autopilot. So, this blog is more than a cute, trendy idea. It’s my lifestyle. When I write, I force myself to feel. To slow down and remember the moment. Somente Respire saved me. I just hope that it can do the same for someone else.

Maybe you’re dealing with anxiety. Perhaps it’s fear. Whatever you’re dealing with, be still. Find that center and try again. It’s okay if we fall. As long as we don’t stay down. Just breathe your way through it.

Published by B.still

I'm Tiara (a.k.a B.Still). I'm a photographer and an overall creator. My writings can be found here as well as my photography! Join my journey to freedom and peace doing the things that I love!

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