Savannah Trip

This past weekend, I was able to escape to Savannah, GA! I went out one night, then the next day, I was able to explore a bit before hitting the road to come back home. It was freezing and I was hungry so I didn’t get to see much. Lol. I plan to revisit soon!




I absolutely adore good scenery. The trees in the Historical District in Savannah are stunning. The way they bend and stretch. Mother Nature is one hell of an artist.



I was able to walk through these hallway-like, cobblestone streets in Savannah that made me feel like I was in a different time. I walked up and down the steep stairs (trying not to fall) with sheer joy to be experiencing something so simplistic yet beautiful




Of course I found ice cream. Lol. But I especially love Ben & Jerry’s brand because they supply dairy-free options where the ice cream is made of almond milk. I had to leave with a double scoop!


These small 2-day escapes are exactly what I need in order to practice self-care. I didn’t think about work at all on this trip. Lol. That’s how it should be. I want to thank my circle, the people who love me, for helped to make this trip happen. Thank so much! Be on the lookout for more Savannah adventures!


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