Self Determination

I’m currently celebrating Kwanzaa (in my own way). The second day of Kwanzaa focuses on the principle of Kujichagulia, which means self-determination. On this day, you define yourself, name yourself, create and speak for yourself.

I love this principle because I believe in having discussions with yourself and getting to know YOU. It’s so easy to just latch onto others, their beliefs, their traditions, their frame of mind. But, when you stop, and look within yourself there are questions there that were made specifically for you. No one else can answer them. We often look outside of ourselves for some other force to light a fire under our asses. Completely, dismissing the fact that the spark is inside.

Today, I vow to myself that I will seek within MORE. I will show myself more love and kindness. Starting here, will allow me to feel more secure with myself, unlocking my potential.

I will define myself in private.

I will name myself.

I will continue to create for myself.

I will continue to fight to speak for myself.





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