For You

I was sent here to love.

To knock you down with compassion and empathy.

To capture you with just how understanding I can be.

To grab a sledgehammer and start breaking you free from the unhealthy cycle of a shitstorm you grew up in with fears of taking it all on with no help.

To calm your fears of passing the curse down to your seed.

I am the one you need.

Now whether you see it or not, just trust and kneaux.

I am here for this for sure.

Not to be childish by keeping score

But to balance the playing field.

Taking some of those bricks you tote and pulverizing them into gravel.

To build you up where you feel fragile.

I am here!

Fret no longer.

Your father will adore me and you mother will cherish me.

Your sister will never let me go.

I am the nurturer.

Watering the roots of your life.

Smiling and producing a glow that shines so.

The dead in your life will have no choice BUT to grow.

What I possess, money can’t buy and even if you had all the riches of Mother Africa, you still could not afford me.

BUT…I am here, king.

Recognize and act accordingly.

Published by B.still

I'm Tiara (a.k.a B.Still). I'm a photographer and an overall creator. My writings can be found here as well as my photography! Join my journey to freedom and peace doing the things that I love!

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