Writings of life, love, and self discovery

I’m not trying to be who I was in the past. I only want to be more in tune with who I am today and who I’m becoming in the future.

I am a successful entrepreneur, free thinker, writer, spiritual goddess, lover, feeler, free-spirited, introverted, goofy, nerdy, earth child. Lol

I have thoughts and feelings on things like everyone else

I see the beauty in absolutely everything. THAT’s the world I want to live in. So, here (and in my heart) is where I cultivate that culture.

I know you’re wondering…What the hell does Somente Respire mean?

It means Just Breathe…my life mantra that has pulled me up from the lowest of lows and continues to be the solace I need.

I created this mantra for myself to serve as a reminder to slow down, BE in the moment, and as a reminder that everything works out exactly as it should…so RELAX.

On this blog, I navigate life lessons and love, I write poetry, and I share lifestyle stuff- like pictures of the beauty that I encounter whilst traveling and recipes for a healthier life.

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